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Terms & Conditions

Your electronic health record

Information about the care and services you receive, such as medical history, current conditions, treatment plan and all treatments given, including the results of all tests, procedures and therapies, is maintained in the electronic health record.

MyChart gives secure online access to select, limited health information in the electronic health record to a patient, or a person who the patient chooses (proxy). A patient's entire health record is not reproduced online in MyChart. MyChart reflects a selected parts of the information in a patient's record, such as prescriptions, basic test results, summary medical history, appointments and similar information. Your provider may decide which types of information to release into MyChart.

Individuals who are enrolled in MyChart agree to use MyChart as their primary means to obtain tests results performed at participating facilities. Test results will be delivered to MyChart in most cases. Individuals who are enrolled in MyChart also agree that an electronic copy of their discharge instructions be provided for each inpatient admission.

When a patient and his or her spouse share an account they will both have access to billing account summary information (this information is not confidential to the patient) in MyChart. To ensure confidentiality, please call your health system's business office to request a separate account.

We reserve the right to terminate access to MyChart at any time, for any reason. A user's access to MyChart will be terminated if the user has misused or abused the system, violated any terms of use, or used the system for purposes other than those for which it is intended to be used.

Restrictions for MyChart records of minors

Parents and legal guardians may request access to their minor child's health information through MyChart. This is a type of proxy access (access by one person to another person's interactive health record). The amount of information the parent will be able to see depends on the age and legal status of the minor. The limits on interactive health record access does not affect any other right the parent may have to obtain a minor child's records.

Your privacy and security responsibilities

When you sign up to use MyChart, you will be given an activation code. You will use that code to create an ID and password. This ID and password will allow you to view select portions of your health record, submit comments that may become part of your health record, and in some cases, communicate with your health care providers.

It is important that you keep your access code, ID and password completely confidential and secure. You should change your password immediately if you believe that your security may have been compromised. In addition, you should change your password regularly to help keep your account secure. You can change your password online at any time. The privacy of your health information is carefully protected by your health care providers.

If you have any questions about the security of your password, please call 1-855-551-6555.


For all urgent medical matters, contact your provider's office by phone, go to an emergency room, or dial 911.

All messages to you from your clinic are sent over a secure, encrypted connection. You may receive email messages at the email address you provided to us. These messages will notify you of new messages in MyChart, but will not contain any confidential medical information. You will need to sign in to MyChart to access the full message. Any person with access to the email account to which these messages are sent will be able to see the notifications.

Shared electronic health records

If you gave consent to share your electronic health record with affiliated partners you will be able to access all health information across all organizations through one MyChart account.

If you declined consent to share your electronic health record with affiliated partners, you will have multiple accounts: one for each organization, each with its own username and password. You will need to sign in to the specific account for each organization in order to view your health information for that organization.

Affiliate terms and conditions

3rd party applications

If you, as a patient, find a 3rd party application that you would like to use to access and import your health information, your health system provides the ability for you to use this application. To do this, you must establish a MyChart patient portal account, since the security - user name and password - you set for your MyChart Account would be your authentication for any 3rd party application to access and import your health information. Your health system reserves the right to disable any 3rd party application if needed.

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