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Common consent and affiliated partners

One patient, one record with affiliates partners

Information about the care and services you receive, such as medical history, current conditions, treatment plan and all treatment given, including results of all tests, procedures and therapies, is maintained in your electronic health record. When you give common consent to share your electronic health record, it can be securely accessed by health care professionals at the following affiliated partners:

Advantages of consenting to share your electronic health record

  • Peace of mind. Giving consent for a common electronic health record will help give you greater peace of mind that health care professionals have the information they need to provide you and your family with safe, quality care.
  • Timely access to your medical information. Authorized caregivers can securely view your complete medical history electronically. Because of the sharing of information throughout the affiliate partners, there is no need to repeat tests or services, which saves you time and money, and provides caregivers more information to provide you safer, more efficient care.
  • Immediate safety checks. As a safety enhancement, the new system automatically cross-checks any new prescriptions your caregiver is considering to ensure there are no negative interactions with your allergies and current medications. Giving consent for a common record makes it even safer as your provider will be able to view any prescriptions ordered by another affiliate partner to rule out potential interactions or other concerns.
  • Provide information once. When you are a new patient at Allina Health or an affiliate partner location, you will have to provide your medical history (including allergies, medications and prior health conditions), insurance and contact information. You will then save time at future appointments by simply verifying your information is up-to-date.
  • Quicker access to test results. Having one electronic health record that is shared among health care professionals makes it easier to review a history of test results. This allows health care professionals to view a history of results to check for changes and is more efficient than duplicating tests you've already had.

What if I do not consent to have a common health record?

If you do not consent to have a common electronic health record, your medical information will not be electronically available to any of the affiliate partners. If you visit an affiliate partner for care, you will have separate health records and separate accounts for each. Having separate health records may result in your health care provider having less information to make a decision about your care, and may increase the likelihood of duplicative tests and expenses.

Your privacy and security responsibilities

When you sign up to use MyChart, you will be given an activation code. You will use that code to create a username and password. This username and password will allow you to view select portions of your health record, submit comments that may become part of your health record, and in some cases, communicate with your health care providers.

It is important that you keep your access code, username and password completely confidential and secure. You should change your password immediately if you believe that your security may have been compromised. In addition, you should change your password regularly to help keep your account secure. You can change your password online at any time. The privacy of your health information is carefully protected by your health care providers.

If you have any questions about the security of your password, please call 1-855-551-6555.