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Who can sign up for MyChart?

Anyone who is at least 13 years old and a patient at an affiliate health system, can sign up for MyChart.

Can a minor have access to their MyChart record?

Yes, anyone who is at least 13 years old can sign up for MyChart and gain electronic access to portions of their health record.

How can I get help?

If you need technical assistance with your account or help with enrollment, call the Allina Health and affiliate health systems support center at 1-855-551-6555. Support is available 7 days a week, 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Central Time

MyChart technical support is available for patients at these Minnesota and Wisconsin health systems:

How does consent to share my health record affect MyChart?

If you consent to share your health record with affiliate partners, you will have one MyChart account with a unique username and password. You will access all of your information across all organizations in this single MyChart account.
If you decline consent to share your information with affiliated partners, you will have multiple MyChart accounts: one for each organization, each with its own username and password. You will need to sign in to the specific MyChart account in order to view your information for that organization.

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Technical requirements

What Internet browser should I use?

MyChart works best on Internet Explorer 9 or higher and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and higher. You can download both browsers for free. For Internet Explorer, go to For Firefox, go to

Is MyChart secure?

Yes. MyChart is a secure online account, which means your health information is safe and protected. MyChart access is permitted only to authorized users who have been verified through an activation process. MyChart users have a unique username and password that is known only to them.

How do I choose a MyChart username and password?

Your username must:

  • be between five and 24 characters
  • contain only letters and numbers (no symbols)
Once selected, your username cannot be changed.

Your password must:

  • be at least 10 characters
  • contain one uppercase letter
  • one lowercase letter
  • one number or symbol
  • be different than your username
Please keep in mind that only you will know your username and password.

The minimum number of characters for a password was updated from eight to 10 characters in September 2017, to help protect your privacy and meet security best practices.

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Proxy access

Am I able to share my information or gain access to child's or another adult's health information?

Yes, this is called proxy access. To share your information or receive access to another person's information, complete the appropriate MyChart sign-up and proxy forms and submit using the address or fax number shown on the form. Minnesota state law requires that adult access can only be given for a limited period of time; renewal is required every 5 years. Accesss to a child's health information in MyChart is dependent on the age of the child and can no longer be accessed when the child turns 18 years old.
Share information with other health care organizations by using Download my record to get an immediate, concise summary of your key health care information. Save your health record to your computer, USB drive or disc and take it with you wherever you go.

Can I revoke the proxy access of another adult to my MyChart?

Yes. To revoke access take these steps:
under Resources select Personalize

  1. under Who can view my record select the person
  2. click Revoke access

Can I view all of my child's health information?

To protect the privacy and confidentiality of health information according to state and federal laws, parents and guardians have full access to their child's health information in MyChart from birth through age 12.
On the child's 13th birthday, access is limited to:

  • scheduling appointments on the child's behalf
  • viewing and printing immunization records
  • receiving health topic alerts.
Once your child turns 18 years old, you can no longer access his or her health information in MyChart

Can a legal guardian have access to a patient's MyChart account?

Yes, proxy access is given to court appointed legal guardians. In order to have access granted you will need to provide a copy of the court order that grants the legal guardian access to the patient's medical record. Attach a copy of the court document to the proxy access form and return to address on the form.

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What types of appointments can I schedule with MyChart?

You can schedule most primary care clinic appointments online with providers you have seen before.

If you are having difficulty scheduling appointments with multiple caregivers or for multiple patients (such as two or more children), please call your clinic directly.

Can I schedule an appointment for someone other than myself?

Yes. You can schedule an appointment for someone if you have received proxy access to that person's health record. To schedule an appointment, start in their record and follow the same steps as if you would to schedule an appointment for yourself.

Can I cancel a clinic appointment in MyChart?

Yes. To cancel an appointment, click on Appointments and visits and choose the appointment from the list of future visits, click the Cancel button. If a button does not appear, you will not be able to cancel that appointment using MyChart. Please call your clinic to cancel this appointment.

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Health information

What should I do if I don't understand my health information?

If you do not understand your health information in MyChart, call your provider for clarification or discuss your questions with your provider during your next visit.

What should I do if my health information is incorrect?

If you believe your health information is incorrect in MyChart, please call your provider to discuss your concern or ask your provider to update your information during your next visit.

Why don't I see all of my lab results in MyChart?

Your lab results for most tests are automatically released same day. There are some results that are exceptions and your provider will contact you outside of MyChart with those results. The test results page defaults to show only test results done at clinic locations. You may need to click on Show hospital results to see all test results. You may see some test results temporarily appear with provider comments. You will be notified when your provder adds comments that will help you better understand the results.

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Communication preferences

Can I update my personal information online?

To update your personal information online, such as phone number and address, go to Resources then Change demographics.

Why am I not receiving emails alerting me when there is new information in MyChart?

MyChart will automatically send you an email when you have new information in your MyChart account. If you are not receiving emails please verify that we have your current email address on file. To verify your email address go to Resources and select Communication preferences. You may also want to check your email settings to make sure MyChart emails ( are not being sent to junk mail.

Why am I not receiving text messages alerting me when there is new information in MyChart?

You must request notifications from MyChart to be sent by text. To verify you have signed up for text notifications go to Resources and select Communication preferences. Verify that your mobile phone number is correct and that all message types have a check mark for text. If you are still not receiving text messages, please text "cancel" to MyChart at 289-21.

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Sharing health data

How do I share my health data in MyChart with another app?

Applications (apps) can register to access health record data at certain health systems that use Epic as their electronic helath record system.

After downloading a third-party app, complete enrollment in that app, then follow the steps in the app to add a health care provider data sources and select your health system. View the detailed instructions for more information.

By connecting the app you will be granting access to your private health data. We encourage you to carefully evaluate which apps you use.

If I have trouble with the app that use my heatlh record data, how do I get help?

If you have questions about an app that uses your health record data, please contact the developer of the app. You can find the developer’s support information on their listing in the Apple AppStore or on Google Play.

How do I remove my health data from the app and prevent it from accessing my data?

You can review and revoke existing authorizations:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Under Resources click on Linked Apps and Devices

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